The birth of China's first composite lightweight dump truck in Baotou City

On November 6th, the Jiuyuan District Government held a press conference at the Baotou Convention and Exhibition Center, promoted by the Jiuyuan District Government, and the truck lightweighting project jointly developed by Beijing Deyi, Beijing Bluestar and Sinoma Technology achieved significant progress. The 8.6-meter light weight dump truck with carbon fiber composites was successfully rolled out.
It is understood that the enterprises participating in this project are all high-tech enterprises that have settled in the Jiuyuan District Industrial Park. Since 2010, the project has begun to tackle the project, adding the new material polydicyclopentadiene to the dump truck material. The project produced a total of 12 invention patents and 9 utility model patents.
It is understood that this new composite lightweight dump truck weighs only 4.8 tons, while the same specifications of metal dump truck weight 6.8 tons, 40% weight reduction, in terms of vehicle economy, can reduce the fuel consumption of 8%, the service life It took 20 years and the metal dump truck was only about 5 years old. The Jiuyuan District Government will give full play to the advantages of diversified government information and promote the mass production of lightweight composite vehicles as soon as possible.
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