Jining Jinwei 240,000 tons caustic soda project drive

Drying equipment

The 240,000 tons caustic soda project of Shandong Jining Jinwei Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. was started on October 26th. It is reported that the project of the comprehensive utilization of caustic soda, PVC, and coke oven gas, which was planned to be built by Jining Jinwei, will start construction in 2009. Among them, the 110kV substation project was successfully put into operation in September this year. The caustic soda project has been operating smoothly since it was successfully started, and the supporting PVC project is currently under intense construction, and it is expected to be completed and put into operation before the end of the year.

Permanent Magnetic Type Chip Conveyor

Magnetic Type Chip Conveyor is an auxiliary equipment for the machine tools. By using magnetic force produced by magnetic material, this conveyor can attractsfine particles, powder particles or particales with size smaller than

100mm.and also this product can separate the debris out of kil or emulsion solution.

magnetic chip conveyor

Magnetic Type Chip Conveyor

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