EGR technology helps MAN diesel engine take the lead in complying with Tier III

MAN Diesel & Turbo and Hyundai Heavy Industries Engines and Machinery (HHI-EMD) have demonstrated the use of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR: Exhaust Gas Recirculation) technology and the first diesel engine to meet IMO Tier III emissions requirements. The show was held at the HHI-EMD production plant in Ulsan, South Korea on October 9. Many shipyard and shipowners were invited to watch the MAN B&W 6S80ME-C9 marine diesel engine with integrated EGR technology.
It is reported that EGR technology represents a milestone in the development of Tier III, which will enable the engine to meet the emission control zone (ECA) IMO Tier III NOx emission regulations in effect from 2016, indicating that strict emission limits can be met without significantly changing engine performance.
It is understood that the EGR system is designed, produced and assembled by companies such as MAN, HHI-EMD, Alfa Laval, Siemens, GEA and Vestas Aircoil.
The MAN B&W 6S80ME-C9 marine diesel engine will be installed on a C-class container ship of Maersk Line, which is being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries and is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2013. The Maersk Group and MAN have agreed that the engine will run 20% of the time in IMO Tier III mode and MAN will track research and services for the next three years.

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