Metal Corrugated Roof Panel Rolling Machine

Model NO.: EN-140GT
Molding Speed: 5 M / Min
Forming Scissors Blade Material: Cr12
Plate Thickness: 0.4--0.5mm
Forming Roller Mold: CNC Finishing Process
Trademark: Ensource
Transport Package: Steel Wire
Specification: EN-140GT
Origin: Zhejiang, China
HS Code: 84552210
Glazed tile forming machine
Metal Corrugated Roof Panel Rolling Machine

1. The main technical parameters of mechanical parts:
1) Forming method: sequence and synchronous deformation mode (first to form the middle of the stiffener to force the release to both sides to ensure the shape of the plate after the effect)
2) Molding number: 16
3) forming roll bar material: forged 45 # steel
4) forming roller mold: CNC finishing process
5) Roller surface hardened single-sided: 0.05 mm
6) forming spindle diameter: Ф75mm solid shaft material 40R quenched and heat treated
7) The main motor power: 50HZ / 380V / 7.5KW
8) hydraulic station motor power: 50HZ / 380V / 3KW
9) hydraulic station motor power: 50HZ / 380V / 3KW
10) Forming scissors blade material: Cr12 die steel after heat treatment hardness HRC60 ° --- 62 ° (Wuxi South heat treatment process)
11) moulddiasystem thickness: 0.4--0.5mm
12) Molding speed: 5 m / min
13) Board type waterproof performance Good board flat, no abrasion. The specific size of the board conforms to the international construction industry using the plate GB / T12755-91

2. Equipment, electrical control system part of the process
1) The length of the product length method: (2500 rotary encoder pulse tracking scale) error of 10m ± 1mm
2) Control System Inverter: 7.5KWhuichuan control series of safe, stable and reliable performance
3) The control system procedure uses the industrial computer German Simens PLC programming system
4) Operator Panel: Man-machine interface touch-screen robot dynamic equipment simulation process monitoring process

3. The complete process flow chart of the equipment is as follows:
10T Passive Unwinding Feeding --- Feeding --- Sequential Roll Forming --- PLC Computerized Cutting --- Hydraulic Mold Auto Cutting --- Finished Material Discharging
Metal Corrugated Roof Panel Rolling Machine

4. A full set of equipment process characteristics

4.1 10T passive decoiler
1) 10T passive uncoiler machine using cantilevered umbrella-type material rack, through the screw to adjust the tightening, can be suitable for different size of the color of the coil volume, loading convenience.
2) decoiler power for the passive, linear speed with the host changes.
4.2 The molding process characteristics of the main frame
1) The main frame of the equipment adopts 36 # GB hot-rolled I-beam, the whole welding after the use of shot blasting vibration method to welding stress, the frame structure through the gantry mill finishing. Wall plate and rack connection Screw connection way to reduce the amount of deformation of the rack to ensure the level of the horizontal and vertical horizontal cross-frame and steel, and extend the service life of the equipment.
2) Spindle all use high-quality 40R steel quenched and tempered solid shaft CNC finishing to ensure that it has a good overall performance
3) Roll 45 high-quality forged steel after finishing the surface of the process of slow-plated hard baked treatment, with good dimensional accuracy and wear resistance
4) The host uses the cycloid pin wheel slows down the electrical machinery actuation, each active roller uses the chain type transmission, smooth is reliable
5) The machine uses the molding hydraulic mold technology, hydraulic drive, safe and reliable action, to ensure that the profile before and after the end and the middle part of the effective width of the same.
6) The cutting tool material is Cr12 mold steel, after heat treatment, the hardness reaches HRC60 ° --- 62 °

1)Q:Can you make machine according to my design?
   A:Yes, we have experienced technical team to work out the suitable design for you and confirm with you until you agree.
2) Q: Will you deliver the right goods as ordered? How can I trust you?
    A: Yes, we will. The core of our company culture is honesty and credit.
3)Q:What payment terms you accept?
    A:Commonly is TT, 30% deposit and 70% before shipment, and sometimes we can consider more for you as per your request.
4) Q:What is the warranty for our machine?
    A:We have one year guarantee, and provide whole life's technical support.



1. All such main parts of this Oil Press machine as worm shaft ,pressing worms,cage and so forth are made of high-grade alloy

2. Steel through hardening treatment. As a result,in spite of the conditions of high temperature and abrasion under which they

3. Work day and night,they keep durable for a considerable period.

4. The combination of steaming and roasting is also one of the features of this machine. It can be regulated in accordance with

5.The varied requirements of various oil-bearing materials for the temperatures pressing so as to get high quality oils.

6.The whole process form feeding,steaming,roasting up to the discharge of oil and cake of this oil press goes on automatically and continuously, so it is easy to operate the machine,which results in the saving of labor.

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